1300 + BizPhone

Get A 1300 Number Plus Unlimited Inbound & Outbound Calls

Get all your business communications sorted with IP HUB’s unique capped rate services.

Combine BizPhone, the ultimate VOIP based telephone system for business with any of our Capped rate 1300 numbers and save even more while managing your cashflow

Step 1: Choose the outbound call plan and phone system you like

Soft BizPhone

Run your BizPhone straight from your computer & headset without the need for physical hardware on your desk.

Standard BizPhone

Still want a handset? Choose from either a desktop or cordless BizPhone, depending on your office requirements.

Delux BizPhone

Does your day revolve around phone conversations? Get the delux handset & enjoy the extra features. (ideal heavy callers.)

Step 2: Choose the inbound 1300 Number plan that suits your needs

1300 Starter



  • Calls to your landline:
  • 13c per/min
  • Calls to your mobile:
  • (Landline only offer)
  • Who's it for?
  • Ideal for small business who want to look professional, but don't expect a large volume of inbound calls

1300 Ultimate



  • Flat Rate:
  • Never pay more than $69
  • THE PLAN For People On The Go
  • FREE National Calls Terminating To Your Mobile:
  • $0 per minute
  • Never pay more than $69
  • Who's it for?
  • Ideal for any business wanting to receive ALL calls on their mobile while managing their Cashflow!!
  • *Not available to call centre operations

Step 3:

Contact IP Hub’s dedicated team of business specialists to get connected

1300 688 588

What are 1300 numbers ?

An inbound number is a cost effective way of showing callers you’re more than just a small local business. 1300, 1800, and 13 numbers are virtual phone numbers that allow businesses to answer incoming calls on any existing Australian number they have such as a landline, mobile, VoIP or others.

1300 numbers are a cost-effective way of projecting a smart professional image for your business. What’s more, as your business grows you’ll never need to change your number when you move locations.

13, 1300, & 1800 numbers are the main Australian based Inbound Numbers, giving your audience a clear and easy way to contact your organization. You can also use inbound numbers to track the success and Return On Investment of your marketing activities. See who responds to each of your campaigns as well as when, where, and how through inbound call reports.

Inbound Numbers also give you more control via call routing, and other features that help manage your business communications.

What Is BizPhone ?

There isn’t one, BizPhone utilizes high grade VOIP instead of the old copper wires currently being phased out by the NBN.

BizPhone is the fastest and cheapest way to get any business setup with phone lines and handsets that are business ready & NBN ready. What’s more, our capped rate plans mean never having to worry about an unexpected phone bill again.  

PS: Need an inbound 1300 number too? Bundle it with your business phone package and save even more! Contact us to find out how.

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