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Business Ethernet For Corporate Internet Access

Fast, Reliable, Affordable

Is your internet slow and buggy?
Are you often staring at the screen waiting for pages to load?

Frustrating right?

Slow internet connections can not only slow down your work day, they will cost you and your team dozens or even hundreds of hours of unproductive work time every month, simply waiting for pages to load. When you multiply your wasted time, by the number of staff in your organisation, you might begin to see how much your slow internet connection is really costing you.

Fast internet connections mean happier more productive staff. They are more focused, less stressed and more efficient than those struggling with TOO MUCH traffic on standard ADSL services. If your slow internet connection is bothering you, it’s probably just as annoying for all your staff as well. If your staff don’t have to wait, they can also serve your clients better.

What Do I Get With Ethernet?

  • Reliable, stable, business-grade Internet – perfect for business grade IP Voice, IP
    , Cloud PBX and/or data access.
  • Speed! REAL Speed… from 1Mbps up to 1000Mbps
  • Synchronous connection, meaning you get the same high speed uploads AND downloads.
  • Low latency and Jitter – that means better performance for your real time applications, such as VoIP & storage.
  • Multiple IP addresses – Not for everyone, but essential if you’re running any public services such as email or web servers.
  • Dedicated connection directly into your office ethernet router/firewall.
  • Managed router provided if you want/need it.

Imagine your next video conference WITHOUT the lag, the voice cut-outs and grainy picture. Imagine clicking send on that big proposal and KNOWING it’s in your client’s inbox 1 second later.

Instead of waiting for the next page to load or video to stream, why not call IP HUB and have a chat about NOT WAITING anymore!

In fact… here’s our number: 1300 688 588

Our expert team can help you assess your needs, understand your options and get the service that ensures you and your staff have everything they need to complete your mission.

Who Is This For ?

  • Any company wishing to enable staff to work remotely by logging into their office network.
  • Businesses moving everything to cloud.
  • Businesses with staff complaining that their connection ‘drops out’ and they have to reconnect which takes several minutes.
  • Businesses looking for a low cost upgrade to Premium Copper to improve speed and also eliminate unwanted disconnections.

How Much Is This Going To Cost Me ?

The idea is, it SAVES you money! By giving you back time and eliminating frustration caused by your slow connection. Every business is unique, however for most it will cost between $299 – $899 a month depending on the desired speed and your location. This means you’ll need to call us so we can check for you. Our team is fast, friendly and loves talking business, give them a call for a free assessment, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Got A Question ?

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