Fibre & Ethernet

Is your internet slow and buggy?
Are you often staring at the screen waiting for pages to load ?

Frustrating right?

High speed internet connections can speed up your work day and save you and your team hundreds of hours of unproductive work time every month. When you multiply time wasted waiting for slow loads, by the number of staff in your organisation, you discover just how much a slow internet connection can cost you.

Broadband & NBN

High-Speed Internet Solutions

Business NBN is a high speed, high performance broadband for your business. With 10X faster speeds than ADSL, Business NBN will improve your business’s productivity for about the same price as your current broadband service.

IP HUB’s Business NBN (National Broadband Network) offering doesn’t stop there. We package our high speed Business NBN with a hassle free set up, reliable support and a business grade wireless router worth $199.

Custom Internet Solutions

If your business is unique and you need a tailored solution for your internet serivce then look no further.  The big guys simply offer pre-set packages that suit them to sell but force customers into solutions that may not be a 100% fit for their needs.

IP HUB does away with one size fits all cookie cutter packages and works directly with business owners and managers to assess needs and formulate a solution that is both cost effective and incredibly good at meeting the needs of users.