Lift & Alarm Lines For Strata

Connections & Change Overs

Get your building’s emergency lines and alarm lines connected with IP Hub and lower your costs immediately.
Issues that used to cause you headaches such as account access, strata ownership, and even line faults are a thing of the past with IP HUB’s systems made just for strata managers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a strata manager who cares for a single building or strata business that cares for dozens, IP HUB is the smart choice. Our bespoke strata services can’t be found anywhere else.

Custom Strata Line Management

Bulk Pricing, Individual Accessibility

For Strata companies that manage several buildings there’s a whole new world of savings and options available to you. When it comes to phone lines for alarms, lifts and other building communication needs, you no longer need to deal with and manage each building separately.

Our specialized services are made for strata managers.  We know what you want, we’ve eliminated what you don’t like and we’ve made it easy to work with us without all the hassles you’ve had with generic phone companies.